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 Mining guide

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PostSubject: Mining guide   Mining guide I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 3:07 pm

So to mine you must buy a pickaxe from the shop keeper inside the edgeville bank (where you start).Then teleport to Skilling area.

Mining guide Miningpicture

As you can see from the picture this server has a pretty good setup, rocks, furnace and anvil altogether.

Ok so now bank your inventory so you can get more rocks and just have your pickaxe with you (in your hand) Then mine rune essence rune essence is the closest one to the furnace, and i think this one is the fastest to 99 so just mine this until 99 and bank your rune essence so you can do some runecrafting later if you want to Very Happy. This is quite a boring skill but a nice skillcape. So GL on 99.

When you get 99 teleport to edgeville and trade the man outside the bank. (Bob) he sells skillcapes, buy your mining skillcape and look supercool. Hope this helped.
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Mining guide
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